TIPS TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS  1.      Time your meals
Meals should be taken around the same time each day. This helps to keep the metabolism at its peak. Make sure that there is a 3-4 hours space between your meals.

  2.      Watch what you eat
It is better to eliminate some foods rather than calculating the calories in your meals in order to eliminate some. Try to eliminate fruits and juices with a lot of sugar and focus on fruits like berries and have two servings a day. Try to focus on foods with lean protein and fibre.

  3.      Water
This should be the only drink you take daily. Water should be taken in large amounts because it helps in detoxification, higher metabolic rate and efficient digestion. Try as much as possible to avoid all those other drinks with a lot sugar for example soda, beverages and vitamin water.

4 4.      Cardiovascular exercises.
These should be done on a daily basis. They include swimming, running, walking etc. these exercises are known for burning calories all over the body. Dedicate an hour or more to these. Highly recommended.

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