11 Solutions for Common Weight Loss Challenges

8. I just don’t have motivation.

You just don’t wake up with a spark or a fire to tear up the gym. You see other people really into it but it’s just not you. You even wish you were full of motivation to torch the calories, but nothing really does it for you. What do you do?
SOLUTION: If you don’t have the motivation, but you want to find the motivation, that’s a good start. Identify your biggest WHY. What’s the one reason you want to live a healthy life? Is it for quality of life? To live as long as possible? To be more self-confident? To like clothes again? To have more energy? Get clear on your number one reason to get healthy and then plaster it on a piece of paper where you can read it daily. My next best motivation tip is this: Just fake it till you make it. Sometimes, it’s the getting started that keeps us stuck. Once you start, it’s much easier to keep that mojo going!

9. I eat great all day and then ruin my great decisions at night with snacking.

Nighttime comes with a few challenges for most people. Sometimes it’s the time of the day when you relieve stress. Sometimes, it’s when the TV comes on and your butt gets on the couch. Let’s face it, it’s fun to snack and if we eat dinner at 6, we can get hungry again at 9 PM. So how do we stay out of the pantry?
SOLUTION: Eat a healthy snack that fills you up. Don’t think you have to stop eating for four hours before you go to bed. Just choose a snack wisely. One of my favorites is creamy Greek yogurt with some frozen berries and some nuts like walnuts or almonds. It’s delicious and can totally curb my appetite from snacking or revisiting the pantry multiple times. Another one of my go-to snacks is healthy air-popped popcorn (not the microwave in a bag stuff). Popcorn is full of fiber, it fills the need to munch along with your favorite show and it won’t set you back in calories.

10. I just like sugar too much.

Ahhhh, the sweet tooth. I have one too. It can really sabotage your efforts if you have trouble controlling your portions.  My first bit of advice is to stop thinking you have to cut out all sugar in order to hit your goal weight. You don’t have to go cold on sugar. Just do this instead …
SOLUTION: Of course, you have to watch portions if you want to lose weight, but you don’t have to give up sugar or totally ignore your sweet tooth. Make healthier desserts instead. I have loads of healthier desserts on my website Get Healthy U for free. Learn how to make all of your favorites a little bit healthier.

11. Eating healthy is expensive.

Yes, it can be but it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of workarounds!
SOLUTION: Eat foods that are in season. When certain fruits and veggies are in season, they are less expensive. If some fresh produce is still too pricey, (like berries) opt for frozen produce. It’s less expensive and still healthy. Lots of foods you can buy at the store are less expensive if you make them yourself like kale chips or energy bars.
What’s your biggest challenge to weight loss? Let’s keep the conversation going! Your solution awaits!

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